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Mediterranean diet’s positive impact on depression

Mediterranean diet is one inclusive of necessary nutrients covering ingredients like vegetables, legumes, nuts, fruit, whole grains, with less fish, dairy and even poultry-based foods. Its comprehensive nature of being a single food providing numerous wholesome nutrients makes it effective in protecting against cardiovascular issues, aids in metabolic process, slow down bone loss in osteoporosis, promote anticancer mechanisms, and support brain health. Since people consume it mixed with olive oil, monosaturated fat gets also included in the diet. Apart from the other health benefits of including Mediterranean diet in one’s routine, it also aids keep depression at bay. Scientists conducted researches for evidence on the same by analysing a day-care centre’s elderly people, 64% of who had moderate adherence to the Mediterranean diet, while 34% reported a high adherence. Results showed that in people who followed high adherence to a Mediterranean diet with more vegetable content, less poultry products and less alcohol consumption will be less likely to suffer from depression or related symptoms. "Our results support that depression in older adults is common and strongly associated with several risk factors. Adherence to a Mediterranean diet may protect against the development of depressive symptoms in older age.", say the study authors.