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Fruit compounds’ role in lowering blood pressure

Resveratrol is a plant compound which has grabbed a great deal of medical world’s attention. The reason behind this is the medicinal aid it provides which include protective effects against stroke, heart failure, and hypertension, among other heart conditions. Recent study on mice has proven outcomes which helps reduce blood pressure also. Resveratrol is abundantly found in Blueberries, red grapes, red wine, peanuts etc. and is famous for its antioxidant properties while cardiovascular effects still remain unclear. To find out more about its properties in lowering blood pressure, researchers conducted study on a group of wild mice. Researchers measured the rodent's blood pressure with implanted telemetry probes and monitored this for 15 days. Meanwhile, they were fed either with resveratrol rich diet or a normal diet. By the end of the study, results showed a drop of 20 millimeters of mercury in the blood pressure of mice that had consumed resveratrol. Another finding was that by oxidising the protein PKG1a, resveratrol also relaxed blood vessels of the rodents. Prof. Avkiran explains how the findings will be of help to humans, “This study reveals the surprising way in which resveratrol works and opens up the possibility of new blood pressure drugs which work in a similar way. The findings bring us a step closer to tackling this 'silent killer' which puts people at risk of having a devastating stroke or heart attack."