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Baby rash

While rashes on babies are common, and most are not a cause for alarm, they can be uncomfortable and cause irritation. There are many potential reasons why babies develop rashes. Sometimes, a rash occurs without any additional symptoms. Other times, there may be an obvious reason for the rash, such as switching to a new soap or coming in contact with a new substance. It is not possible to prevent all rashes. If a rash occurs due to an illness, the rash will usually go away once the baby is no longer sick. Caregivers can reduce a baby's exposure to allergens and triggers to eczema and other rashes. This may not prevent all rashes, but taking preventive measures could help. A parent or caregiver can help prevent diaper rash by keeping the area clean and dry. Ensuring a baby's clothes are clean and dry can help prevent moisture rashes from occurring. If there is no apparent cause of the rash or if the baby is showing other signs of illness, such as a fever, it is best to speak to a doctor. The infant may need to see a pediatrician, who is a doctor for children, or a dermatologist, who specializes in skin conditions. Parents and caregivers should seek immediate medical attention if a baby is showing signs of meningitis, which is a severe, life threatening infection.
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Keto diet and possible stomach problems

Some people who follow a keto diet may experience diarrhea and other gastrointestinal (GI) problems as side effects. In some cases, diarrhea or GI issues may be short term while the person's body adjusts to the new diet. However, these problems can sometimes be more long term and even last the duration of the keto diet. As with any extreme dietary changes, starting on the keto diet can have an effect on a person's stomach and intestines, causing GI problems.

Some people may continue to have GI problems throughout the keto diet. A person on a keto diet must consume a lot of fat and little carbohydrate to reach and maintain ketosis. Some people may find that their body struggles to adjust to the high fat content of this diet. Before making any significant lifestyle or dietary changes, it is always worth consulting with a healthcare professional. Anyone who is experiencing diarrhea that is severe or lasts longer than a week should consult their doctor. Similarly, if constipation is long lasting or extremely painful, it is best to seek medical attention. For most people, following an extreme diet such as the keto diet is not necessary for weight loss or to improve health.
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