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More about eye irritation

Usually, the act of blinking spreads tears across the cornea, which is the front of the eye. As well as keeping the eye wet, this also washes away any particles that could lead to an infection. When someone has dry eye disease, their tears do not keep their eyes nourished or lubricated. They either do not make enough tears, or their tears do not have the right balance of oil, water, and mucus to clean the eye. Doctors also call the condition dysfunctional tear syndrome. People can use artificial tear solutions whenever they feel that they need to make their eyes wet. These products are available from drugstores. People could also try using a warm compress or giving themselves an eyelid massage. For some people, dry eye disease might never go away. These individuals will be able to manage it with medication. Doctors may recommend blocking the tear ducts to stop tears draining away before they have done their job. Prescription-strength eye drops are another option. Eye injuries can be very dangerous, so it is always best to seek medical attention even if the symptoms do not seem serious. Emergency medical attention will be necessary for severe eye injuries, such as

* a cut or punctured eye
* chemicals in the eye
* those that cause visual disturbances
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What to know about Crepitus?

Back cracking refers to a cracking or popping sound that comes from the back. This sound may be disconcerting, especially if someone is not familiar with it. However, it is common and not normally a cause for concern, unless the cracking comes with pain, swelling, or other symptoms. The medical term for back cracking is crepitus. Professionals are unsure of what causes it. One theory suggests it may occur when someone manipulates their facet joints in or out of their normal position. Facet joints connect the vertebrae, the bones that form the spine, and allow for a range of motion. When a person manipulates the facet joints in this way, it creates an audible crack. They may also feel a release of pressure at the same time. Another theory revolves around the build-up of gases in the joints. When a person stretches, the joints move, and the crack is the gas's sound as it escapes. Back cracking may be due to the release of gas in the facet joints when a person manipulates them. There are several benefits to back cracking, such as a feeling of satisfaction, pain relief, and improvement in range of motion. However, it also carries several risks. This includes soreness, possible muscle tears, and pinched nerves. If a person wishes to undergo spinal manipulation, a person should consult a medical professional with training in this discipline. (Credits: www.medicalnewstoday.com)