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cardiac rehabilitation

Cardiac rehab is a medically supervised program for people who have experienced heart conditions. The goal is to:

* improve the persons health and quality of life

* prevent further problems

*reduce the chances of needing to return to the hospital for heart-related issues

The rehab program tends to include a combination of exercise training, education, and counseling. It takes place in a clinic or hospital rehab center. Different healthcare providers are usually involved in cardiac rehab, including nurses, exercise specialists, and nutritionists, while doctors supervise the program. Family members and friends can also provide important support. Cardiac rehabilitation is an important part of recovery from heart problems. It can also reduce the chances of experiencing another cardiac event. A team of healthcare professionals tailors each program to suit each person needs and provides close monitoring each step of the way. Rehab usually involves physical activity that gradually increases in intensity and education about improving cardiac health by managing stress effectively and making changes to the diet. Some people also attend counseling.


(credits: www.medicalnewstoday.com)

frequent solid bowel movements

Many people associate frequent bowel movements with diarrhea, which involves loose or watery stools. However, a wide variety of factors could cause frequent solid bowel movements. These factors include a person’s diet, food allergies, and underlying health conditions. The frequency and consistency of bowel movements can be important indicators of an individual’s health. However, health experts do not cite a specific number of bowel movements as being normal or healthy. The general standard is that most people have one to three bowel movements a day. However, research suggests that having three bowel movements a week is still healthy. Having fewer than three bowel movements in a week may indicate constipation, particularly if the stools are hard and difficult to pass. The main thing to consider regarding frequent solid bowel movements is whether this pattern represents a change for the individual. Most of the time, changes in bowel habits are short-term responses to a particular food, a passing virus, or too much coffee, and a person can resolve them with self-care. Adopting a healthful lifestyle, following a well-balanced diet, and learning to manage stress can help maintain the regularity of bowel movements.


(credits: www.medicalnewstoday.com)