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Role of ultrasound in treating Diabetes.

Researches done on mice recently have shown positive results that show the advantage of ultrasound in the treatment of type 2 diabetes over other drugs which are used to boost insulin levels in the blood. Diabetes is considered as the 7th leading reason for death in the U.S in 2015. In people suffering from diabetes, pancreas release too little insulin and this for a prolonged period will cause a condition called insulin resistance when the body becomes less sensitive to it. The specialized cells in pancreas “ beta cells” are responsible for synthesizing, storing and releasing insulin according to the glucose levels of blood. The glucose level in the body is kept at the optimum level by them as too much glucose in the blood results in damage of tissues and organs. Early on in the progression of diabetes, beta cells can become overworked, which causes insulin to build up inside. This build-up can be ended for the beta cell. If more insulin-producing beta cells die, diabetes is worsened. The drugs used now are too expensive and loses effectiveness over time, which is why researchers decided to find an alternative by studying the possibilities of ultrasound. During the study, scientists let in ultrasound into the pancreas of mice to initiate the release of insulin from beta cells. Results showed that more insulin was released from mice treated with ultrasound compared to the ones which weren’t. Scientists have a strong belief that with controlled parameters of ultrasound, they will be able to provide safe, controlled and targeted initiation of insulin release from beta cells.